how to transmit computer virus from computer to computer

How can you transfer your protection from one computer to another?
You can’t transfer protection. Each computer would need to have it’s own anti virus software, and it’s own firewall installed separately.

What is a computer worm and what can it do to your computer?
Worm is a computer virus that replicates from one computer to another over a network. It does all the nonsense work as that of a computer virus.

What is a virus and how does a virus affect a computer?
A virus is a malicious piece of software that is downloaded onto your computer one way or another, and slows down your computer or steals your information. A virus can do practically anything on your computer. A virus is very bad.

How can I transfer music from one iPad to another?
You need a program like Itunes on your may computer to transfer. Transfer music from ipad back to your computer, and then transfer your computer stuffs to another one. Itunes is a free program. To download Itunes, see the related links to this topic.

If you connect a computer that has a virus to a computer that doesnt have a virus will the computer that doesnt have a virus get one?
Only if you transfer an infected file to the un-infected computer is it possible, or if you have an open connection where the infected computer may send (without permission) code, or files -like SQL injectors-. One other way is if you have a connection where you’re connected to a server through the other computer that lets the infected computer ‘ping’ (another way of sending code to comfirm connection status).

How computer viruses transferred from one computer from another?
There are a lot of ways a virus can travel from one computer to another. Via email, USB, sharing files, etc.

What is computer virus and worms?
A virus is a piece of code that attaches itself to a program or file so it can spread from computer to computer. A worm, like a virus, is designed to copy itself from one computer to another, but it does so automatically.

How do you transfer a game from one computer to a new computer?
You can use a external hard disk on transferring a game from one computer to another.

How do you transfer quicken from one office computer to another?
To transfer Quicken from one office computer to another, the first step is to back up files on the first computer, then restore the data file on the new computer. Quicken will need to already be running on the computer the files are being transferred to.

To transfer file from different computer to your computer?
there are a lot of ways in order to transfer a file from one computer to another computer. first is that you can use a flash disk drive/ USB to transfer file. you can also transfer file by using internet. attaching your file to your email, then open your email on the other computer. you can also transfer file trough network. if both of the computers are network together, you can access your file from…

Can Equine herpes virus effect humans?
The equine herpes virus is not a threat to humans. However humans can transfer the virus from one horse to another through contact with infected horses.

Describe a computer virus?
Computer virus is the program that travels from one computer another while infecting each of them in the process. These can replicate themselves and infect the software or 라이브카지노 coded program in the host system.

How do you transfer pictures from one computer to another?
you could email the picture to yourself, and download it onto the computer you want.

How computer viruses are transfered from one computer to another?
If you go on a website, and it has a virus its most likely that its gonna get stored in your computer so be careful

How does a computer virus spread?
The same way a virus spreads through humans. When one computer makes contact with a computer with a virus that computer gets a virus too.

What is the meaning of FTP?
governing the transfer of files from one computer to another over a network.

What is file transfer protocol?
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol used to transfer data from one computer to another through a network such as the Internet.

What is a compter virus?
A computer virus is a computer program that can replicate itself and spread from one computer to another. The term “virus” is also commonly, but erroneously used, to refer to other types of malware, including but not limited to adware and spyware programs that do not have a reproductive ability.

Where are computer virus made?
a computer virus can be made by any one who has read a book and has a computer. there are no special requirements to manufacture a virus.

How does a virus attach to a cell and transfer its genetic material into the cell?
It has to have a host cell that way the virus can multiply in the cell and destroy it. After it destroys that cell it can go to another one and destroy it.

What is the possible causes of virus in the computer?
One cause is to visit an unsafe website by following a link from another, different website. Another is to download a program that contains a virus. The possibilities are infinite.

Is there an inexpensive way to transfer files from one computer to another if one computer will not boot up?
If you know how to do it, the simplest thing to do is connect the hard drive of the computer that isn’t working, to the computer that is working.

Is it advisable to install 3 antivirus software in one computer to check virus?
No!! If more than one anti virus is installed in a computer, the work of one anti virus is hampered by the other. One anti virus may consider the other anti virus as malware!! “One good quality anti virus is enough for one computer”

What the heck is FTP?
ftp = file transfer protocol. sending a file or data from one computer to another.

What is a protocol that enables individuals to copy files from one computer to another on a network?
File transfer protocol

What does Windows Easy Transfer do to prevent problems with a Windows Vista Setup?
Nothing. This program simply collects files and settings on your old computer and puts them on your new computer. Windows Easy Transfer is a feature of Windows Vista that allows you to transfer files and settings from one Windows computer to another. Using Windows Easy Transfer, you can transfer most of your files, programs and settings to your new computer.

How do you transfer songs from one iPod to another?
You can’t transfer songs from one iPod to another via wireless communications such as bluetooth. The only way to do it is by transferring songs from your iPod onto your computer (doesn’t have to be an apple computer) by connecting it with a USB cable. When you sync your iPod with the computer, it should automatically transfer the songs and all you have to do then is connect the other iPod into the same computer…

How do you transfer memory from one memory stick duo to another?
i would transfer data from one Memory stick to another by putting the files on a computer and then copy + paste on other memory stick! I have done this as my original M Stick was damaged and wanted to transfer file to a new one but my Sony camera does not read it… I can only read the files on the computer.. Why..? Any suggestions Tks

Is a virus dangerous?
Yes, A virus is harmfully dangerous to your computer if one virus gets in your computer then many more are to come, If so your computer will malfunction and may be unfixable…

How do you copy songs from a shared library to your local library in windows media player?
click on rip and tick the one’s you whant — NOT TRUE: This is the real answer: [[How do you transfer music from windows media player from one computer to another computer]] How do you transfer music from windows media player from one computer to another computer Read more: website

What if you have two computers and you want to use one computer and you want the information off the other?
The simplest way to transfer information from one computer to another is to set up a network using a router or switch and transfer via shared files.

Can you burn games from one computer onto a CD-r and upload them onto another computer?
Yes as long as you put all the necessary files onto the CD and the setup folder, it is possible to transfer your games from one computer to another.

How do a computer viruse transfer from one computer to another?
Can send themselves as emails, can copy themselves onto a CD if you have on in your pc, lots of ways really

What are the rules used to transmit data from one computer to another called?
When transmitting data from one computer to another, the rules are called protocols. A standard network protocol that is used to copy a file from one host to another is called File Transfer Protocol, or FTP.

What libraries do you have to include in order to transfer characters from one computer to another?
You need a network library such as cpp-netlib.

What is the difference between bank transfer and wire transfer?
A wire transfer is from one bank to another. A bank transfer is a transfer from one account to another at the same bank.

The transfer of disease from one organ to another?
Metastasis is the transfer of disease from one organ to another.

How do you network computers together so you can transfer music from windows media player from one computer to another computer?
Well, you can put your music on a CD-R, and download it on the other computer.

What are USBs?
USB’s are called Jump drives in America and you can transfer your work from one computer to another or just store it on the USB.

Is there a way to transfer songs you bought from one computer to another?
yes but you`ll have 2 use a memory stick/usb

How do you transfer flash game save data from one computer to another?

How can you avoid a virus?
You really CAN’T avoid a computer virus, but you can lower the chances of your computer getting one by installing anti-virus and anti-spyware softwares.

How do you get a computer get virus?
All it takes is one click on a “infected” site that can give you a virus. That’s why it’s good to have anti-virus software installed on a computer.

Letter to transfer vehicle from one peroson to another?
sample letter of transfer from one person to another

When a virus affect your computer where it go?
a virus will move itself to any folder on you computer. the only way to find one and to be sure it’s a virus, is to use anti virus software and run a full scan on your computer. If a virus is caught by a virus scanner it will be deleted or moved to the Quarantine folder.

How do you send songs from computer to computer?
You can use a USB/Flash Drive and transfer the music onto it & then plug it into the receiving computer and transfer the files into the computer. You can do that or just upload them to sites that allow you to upload and download items, sharing sites. The basic methods of transfer have been described above. There is one more method that I would like to add. You can set up a network of two…

Why should you buy another computer?
If you feel that your existing computer is not functioning properly. If there is a hardware problem then you can get new one, if there is software/hacking/virus problem then contact your service provider.

Which is the harmful computer virus?
All computer viruses are harmful I never heard of a computer virus that isn’t harmful. Because every time your computer revives one it always slows your computer.

How can you transfer videos to another computer?
to see a video you’ve made on another computer you have to send the video as an attachment by email to yourself, then enter your email on the other computer and open it up ————- There are numerous ways, one of the easiest is to just transfer the video to a flash drive and bring it to the other computer. You can also use an external hard drive or network the 2 computers together.

How are virus created?
The term virus stands for vital information resources under seize. And it can be created by using infected files on your pc. And it can fastly destroy you computers, you will not be able to open your files which are effected by these viruses. And it effects from one computer to another computer.

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