\uc778\ud130\ub137 \uce74\uc9c0\ub178\uc0ac\uc774\ud2b8 UNP79\u3002COM (@alsdlgyals) | Twitterthe five areas of art are ancient art, modern art, art of the Americas, art of Africa and the African diaspora, and medieval renaissance and baroque art.

What is five areas of cultural diversity?
Identify five areas of cultural diversity

What are the five elements of art?
As I have learnt at school, the five elements of art are shape, tone, colour, texture and line.

Five areas of development of a person?
The five areas of development are physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and moral.

What five areas of learning does social studies in the 6th grade include?
the five areas of learning in s.s

What are the four areas of TLE?
industrial art entrepreneurship home economics agricultural art

What are the five lines in art?
the five major lines used in art are vertical( | ), diagonal ( / ), horizontal( — ) curvy( @ ), and zig zag( vvvv )

What five areas do social studies include?
The five areas of social studies are economy, government, history, geography, and culture.

What has the author Scott Herring written?
Scott Herring has written: ‘Lines on the land’ — subject(s): American literature, History, History and criticism, Landscape in art, Landscape in literature, National parks and reserves, Natural areas, Nature in art, Nature in literature, Wilderness areas, Wilderness areas in art, Wilderness areas in literature

What are the five areas of phonology that make English hard to learn?
What are the five areas of phonology that make the English Language difficult to learn?

How does exploration effect Art?
It opens up new areas of the world and then people are inspired by these areas and paint them.

Where was baroque art most popular?
In highly Catholic areas

What are the five aspects of culture?
The five aspects of culture are food, language, art, religion, and tradition.

In what areas did the Heian court of Japan advance?
Art, culture, and etiquette

Three fields or areas in society in which creativity can be expressed?
Art, Music and Cooking.

What areas of Japanese culture was influenced by China?
Religion, Art, Music, Clothing

There are five areas of possible distortion in drawing maps?
The answer is the surface

Why is street art in cities?
In the cities there are areas that are urban.. teenagers raised with the idea to express themselves and street art is one of them! However some people may say that it is not art but it is graffiti.

Do art and science have anything in common?
some areas of knowledge are not really science or art e.g. biology and psychology, a mix of both perhaps.

What are the five branches of humanities?
Art, Music, Architecture, Philosophy and Literature

What are the five functions of art?
social, physical, personal, spiritual and educational

What does space mean in art sense?
Space is one of the elements of art. Space refers to distances or areas around, between or within components of a piece.

What are five trades in each of the four main apprenticeship areas?
Five trades in each of the four main apprenticeship areas, are carpentry, mechanic, customer service representative, factory worker, and road worker

Name three areas photography is used?
Journalism Web Design Art Galleries

What are the five areas of geography?
History, Geography, Culture, Government and Economics.

What are five criteria people often use to identify and judge art?
Beauty, skill, meaning, uniqueness, and fulfilled intent (was the artist’s intention realized?) are five criteria that people often use to identify and judge art.

What are 5 areas of physical fitness?
The five areas are muscle strength, muscle endurance, cardioresperatory endurance, flexibility, and muscle tone.

What were the five themes of renaissance art?
Humanism, Secularism, Individualism, Classicism, Realism

What five letters word ends in art?
apart, chart, heart, start

Positive and negative space in art what is it?
The areas of a painting or sculpture which are occupied by forms or images, as contrasted with negative space, which are the “empty” areas where no forms/images are located

What are the areas of art appreciation?
Art Appreciation as a field of study covers all of different mediums, techniques, use of colors, and materials used in the creation of art, as well as, a brief overview of the history of art using specific examples from each time period.

In the peaceful period of the middle kingdom what three areas of culture thrived?
Art, literature, and architecture

Four major areas in which change occured during the renaissance were?
Art, Government, Literature, Science.

In which areas did Greek culture influence Roman culture?
philosophy,art, religion, literature and philosophy

Describe the four areas of emphasis in art education?
Visual arts, Music, Dance and Theatre

Four major areas in which change occurred during the Renaissance were?
Art, Government, Literature, Science.

In what areas did China influence Japan Korea and Burma?
Influence on the government, language, writing, and art.

What areas did the Umayyads influence Spanish culture?
They influenced the Spanish culture in Language, Art & Architecture.

Five art magazines cost 14.25 how much will eight art magazines cost?
One costs 2.85, so eight cost 22.80.

What are the five areas of personal development?
physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and moral.

What were the five areas where the union’s resources outweighed the confederacy’s?
love our nation and america

Who sponsored art and why?
Previously much art was sponsored by the church and by kings. This may have been simply for the beautification of places which guests would see or 라이브카지노 for religious reasons (the praise of god). Recently art may still be bought for the beautification of certain areas or for art exhibition.

What are the release dates for Five Men and a Limo – 1997?
Five Men and a Limo – 1997 was released on: USA: 1997 (Key Art Awards)

How many areas are in Pikmin?
There are five total areas, which include: The Impact Site The Forest of Hope The Forest Navel The Distant Spring The Final Trial

What artifacts did archeoligists find in the areas of the four Indian Region?
well they found masks and cave art.

What are the 4primary areas for which science cannot help us to answer our question?
ignorant people, art, music, and government

Name three fields or areas in society in which creativity can be expressed?
One area in society in which creativity can be expressed is in cooking. The other two areas in society are art, and music as well.

What are five areas of engineering?
civil ,software, electronics, chemical, textile . i think so

In tang soo doo what are the six areas of your foot you can strike with?
The heel, the ball, the outside blade, the inside blade, and the top are the five areas of the foot that you can kick with.

What are five health risks of body piercing?
Different areas of the body have different risks for piercings. The top one that applies to all areas though is infection.

What are the five purpose of art?
the 5 shades (black,lighter,lighter,lighter and then just white.

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