Anything that an artist exhibits, claiming to be art, can be considered as art. On the other hand, the public (the art consumers) have the right to define what is art FOR THEM. What is art for 더킹카지노 me may not be art for you, but I do not have the right make a definition of art.

Can you consider politics as an art?
yes , you can consider politics as an art .

What kinds of art did the Cahokians make?
The only and what many art historians consider the “best” kind of art

Is computer graphics a science or an art?
Computer graphics is an art.It is consider a visual art.

Can you consider a comic book and a painting in museum as art?
anything creative and inspirational is art!

Is Byzantine ART roman art?
some people consider it Greek and some consider it Roman. but i think its Greek and Roman. in the dark ages, the Greek and Roman were together and combined Roman art and Greek art together and made byzantine art. until Rome fell into the dark. >:(

Is kissing an Art?
I guess you could consider kissing an art, because to do it really well, you have to be skilled and I guess it could be an art.

How can you consider that logic is an arts and science?
Logic as an science and an art

Does communication consider as an art?
No, communication is not an art. It is simply moving your mouth to tell another person something and has nothing to do with fine art. -Lulu Vikan

Who was the first art in world?
In fact, it depends of what you consider as being art. Most people think that the first art in history was the painting in caves by cavesman.

Do you consider pole-dancing to be a sport?
No would consider it more of an art then a sport, although Im sure it takes a bit of athleticism — And personally I agree that it is an art, but it certainly does involve ‘athleticism’. :)

Do you consider music as an art?
Everyone considers music to be one of the arts.

Why are the Maya consider the most advanced people of Mesoamerica?
the maya were consider the most advanced people in mesoamerica beacause of thiey art

Why is Maya art and architeecture consider ”amazing”?
the reson y the find it amazing is cause they used gold and jewels in their art

What are some techniques you can use to study and understand a work of art?
You can consider art as a novelty, something unique and pleasing to the eye. Art always carries a message. It is either an impression or an expression. Art is always a product of a creative mind.

Do you consider graffiti an art form Why or why not?
That depends. Some graffiti (e.g. Sheperd Fairey, Banksy) is meant to be art, and it can definitely be considered art. But a person’s nickname in bubble letters on the side of a building is not art at all. yes it is quit hating.

What do we mean by Looking at art in context?
This means to consider the time in history in which a piece was produced. For example, many people enjoy Impressionst paintings now. However, this style had a rough beginning because at the time, a more formal style was accepted and preferred by art world. The Impressionists were not taken seriously by the rest of the art community. Established artistists at the time did not consider Impressionism to be a legitimate art form.

Why do you consider management both art and science?
Management is both an art and a science. It is a science because it involves facts, knowledge and measurable factors. It is an art since subjectivity, emotions and creativity are sometimes needed.

Is Art Nouveau modern?
The Art Nouveau movement was at its peak during the years 1890 – 1910. Since this was over a century ago, it is not what we would consider modern, although it is certainly more modern than Renaissance art, classical art etc.

Is management an art science or profession?
To consider the three (3) school of thoughts: all of the above.

Do all aboriginal tribes wear body art?
not all of them there are different tribes to consider thinking about.

What is formal elements in art?
In art, the formal elements are: Line, colour, pattern, texture, shape, form and space. When analysing and developing works of art, the viewer will consider each of them and commenting on each appropriate element

What online college provides photography degree programs?
Before you consider what online consider colleges, consider what photography degree you want. Here’ a good website that’ll help you in both cases: website

Is Kodomo no Jikan DVD legal in the us?
Yes because it is consider as art. The series really gets close to go over the line but it never does so it is still considered as art and not pornographic.

What movement would you consider Andy Warhol to be associated with?
Andy Warhol was one of the instigating figures of the Pop Art Movement.

Who is the greek god or goddess of painters?
Tekhnê was Greek Goddess of art; one might also consider Hephaestus and the Muses.

Is graffit art?
Yes graffiti is art. Art: the products of human creativity; works of art collectively; “an art exhibition”; “a fine collection of art” the creation of beautiful or significant things; “art does not need to be innovative to be good”; “I was never any good at art”; “he said that architecture is the art of wasting space beautifully” a superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation; “the art of conversation”; “it’s…

What does subjective mean in art?
Subjective means there is no one “best” that every single person agrees on. It also means that not everyone agrees if any work of art is good or bad. It’s the opposite of objective. All art is consider subjective, because humans have differences of opinions.

What can I do if I’m uncertain about my Art major and I have a few other interests such as psychology and media culture what can I do now?
The most important thing is to figure out what you really enjoy doing. If you do decide to use art as a major and possibly psychology as a minor you could consider art therapy as a degree of interest.

Is Karate a Japanese sport?
Some would consider it so. however true Karate is not a sport and never will be, its an art and a way of life.

What is the reputation of the Art Institute of San Francisco?
The general consensus on The Art Institute of San Francisco is that it is too expensive. Not all of the students feel that the teachers are capable. It has a decent reputation, but you might want to consider other schools.

What high school subjects do you need for art?
in new york state, i know, you are required to fulfill one art credit, which would be a studio art course. if you are referring to suggested art courses if you wish to pursue art in college, you should consider which style of art you like best: photography, video and digital art, ceramics, or drawing and painting. from there, either zone in on one or take a sampling of all. hopefully your school offers some…

Is psychology a science or an art?
psychology is the study of the brain thats why its consider a science. it studies the brain and this make this biology by studying the learning of humans. But psychology is also an art because the person that is a psychologist has to have a deeper understanding of humans condition.

Considering Art School Options?
The art world can be quite competitive, but it is continuing to grow. Students who are interested in art school need to consider all of the options and decide what sort of art education is right for them prior to enrolling in art school classes. Potential art students should first consider what type of art education that they are seeking: Are you interested in classical painting? Digital photography? Is graphic artist the career for you…

What must happen for historians to consider a particular time in a civilization a classical period?
In order for historians to consider a particular time in a civilization a classical period, the civilization has to make remarkable achievements in areas such as science and art. An example is Classical Greece.

Is art an important factor in a senior citizen’s life?
Art is a creative endeavor. This includes music, drawing, painting, crafts, design, color, textiles and a host of other pursuits. Art calls upon the much-less used side of the brain to consider possibilities and options. Puzzles are about logic and focus; art is about creativity. Both are good for brain workouts for any age.

Can you get into a art collage without doing art for high school?
Yes. While colleges and universities consider your high school transcript, the key to getting into any art school is having a good portfoilo. So long as you have a good body of work and a decent transcript (even if its not heavy on art classes), you should be fine. However, in an interview you might be asked why you didn’t take any art classes. Have a good answer for that one.

Can you consider a graphic design as fine-art?
Yes,I do think a graphic design is a fine art. It needs our designers to be creative and careful and patient. Many designs is completed by hand drawn bit by bit. When our designer in redraw the design in the illustrator,it always needs much time and energy to draw it.

What is the meaning of architecture is the art of sheltering?
“Architecture often is described as the art of sheltering. To consider it as such, we must use the term sheltering very broadly. Obviously, types of architecture exist within which people do not dwell and under which they cannot escape the rain. Architecture encompasses more than buildings. So, we can consider architecture as the art of sheltering people both physically and spiritually from the raw elements of the unaltered world.” This is a quote from the…

What is an traditional ethiopian art?
Here is a traditional ethiopian painting, depicting the battle of Adwa : website Ethiopian art is really different from the African continent, we don’t have a lot of masks or little objects, it is usually in the south of Ethiopia that you can find them, but what we usually call ethiopian traditionnal art is what you can see on that picture. Also, you can find ethiopian art in religion, you can consider christian crosses or…

How long does it typically take to get an art degree?
Getting an art degree typically takes 4 years, just like any other Bachelors degree. You could also get an Associates degree in art in only 2 years or so. You don’t necessarily need to get a degree in art if it’s strictly a passion. Consider just taking individual classes, private lessons, or even volunteer at an art studio or class in return for some lessons.

What classes are recommended for getting into a good college with a good art history department?
If your school offers AP Art History then that would look great when paired with a strong AP exam score. If not, take some elective art classes along with classes that delve into the humanities. You should also consider taking art history classes at your local community college. Best of luck!

What are some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings?
Here are five that I consider to be among her most well-known: Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses, 1931. Art Institute of Chicago. City Night, 1926. Minneapolis Institute of Art. Radiator Building, 1927. Fish University, Nashville. Black Iris III, 1926. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Black and White, 1930. Whitney Museum of Art.

What contains facts about a person’s life?
i depends on what you consider important art.. the Louvre classic music science The great books Money Pyramids, Graveyards IRS

What is the objectives to consider in preparing quality cakes?
Baking is more Science than Art. All directions must be followed precisely to ensure a quality product.

Is tattooing a trade?
Some consider it a skilled trade or a vocation while others consider it fine artisty and still others think of it a service profession or retail profession. It’s part salesmanship, part psychology and part art. Your mileage may vary.

Can you consider culinary an art and science?
cooking is actually a combination of both because without art, the food wont look tasty and without science, the food cant be prepared, like for example, science is involved in dissolving sugar, making caramel anf cooking meat and art is involved in serving the food and garnishing it with parsley

Are interviews and interrogation consider both an art and science?
Yes, there is both an art and a science to it. You must have an understanding of human behavior and psychology. You also need to keep to a certain methodology to gain the information that you need. However, there is an art to it in the fact that you need to have a talent for reading people, and knowing when you need to vary from established methods, or even improvise.

What is the best mixed martial arts discipline?
a solid background in a ground art and a stand up art, some of the most common stand up’s are boxing, muay thai, kickboxing. for ground consider Brazillian jui-jit-su, wrestling, or judo

Is art music church music?
Art music is any music that is not jazz, rock or pop music. It is what most people consider classical music, and includes almost all music from before the 1900s, and any orchestral, chamber or choral music written after that.

Is the use of color important in Italy?
Use of color is important everywhere. Consider that Italy was the heart of the Renaissance, Byzantine era art and Roman and Greek art. For specific meanings as applied to colors, you could investigate any website that offers explanations of color.

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