A vegetable garden or a kitchen garden. If the vegetables are grown for sale, then the name would be market garden.

How does one grow vegetables?
In a vegetable garden with compost and seeds.

What is vegetable gardening?
Vegetable gardens is a place where you grow only edible foods for your home. So they call them vegetable gardens because most homeowners grown vegetables. a vegetable garden is a garden were you grow edible fruits and vegies so you cannn eat the so that what is vegie gardens are!! A vegetable garden is a garden where you can grow fresh vegetables, herbs, or fruits. A vegetable garden can also reduce the family’s food budget…

Is a kismet a garden vegetable similar to a squash?
No Kismet means fate… It is not a garden vegetable

What do you call a dandilion that grows in a vegetable garden?
Well, it’s still a Dandilion… A Dandilion is also a weed.

Is vegetable garden a proper noun?
No. In this case vegetable is an adjective describing the type of garden. Garden is just a regular noun.

What is the chief vegetable harvested in the garden state New Jersey?
it is corn of the chief vegetable in the garden state

What is the best vegetable garden books?
There are many good vegetable garden books. A good book to read is Starter Vegetable Gardens by Barbara Pleasant.

Will dahlia in your vegetable garden be okay?
Dahlias will be fine in a vegetable garden. Just don’t let your pets eat it.

Where can one find online a free vegetable garden guide?
Great advice on how to set up a vegetable garden can be found for free online at websites like Squarefootgardening, Smartgardener, BHG, HGTV and Organicgardening.

How deep should topsoil be for a vegetable garden?
well it depends what vegetable

What kind of animals are in a vegetable garden?
there are not much animals that live in a vegetable garden, lots of insects do snails, catapillars and lots more

What organelle can a vegetable garden compare to?
That is taking comparisons too far. There is no cellular organelle that could reasonably be compared to a vegetable garden.

Can tea be grown in the vegetable garden?
Yes, tea can also be grown in vegetable garden. Tea is a kind of herb and herb can grow in a vegetable garden for more in detail you can refer website link. Hope, this will help you to find an answer of your question.

What ia another word instead of vegetable garden?
kitchen garden works, garden pliot

Vegetable Garden Layout ?
form_title= Vegetable Garden Layout form_header= Unsure about how to layout your garden? Talk to a pro. What vegetables do you want to plant?*= _ [50] What is the square footage of your garden?*= _ [50] Do you have any pets?*= () Yes () No

How vegetable and fruit grow?
They grow in the garden

What is the best variety of tomatoes to grow in your backyard vegetable garden?
One of the best is cherry or grape tomatos

What wild animals eat from vegetable garden?
what wild animal eat garden tomatoes

What do you call a person that sells fruit and vegetable?
You call them a fruit or vegetable vendor.

What garden tools will I need to start a vegetable garden?
Not many garden tools are needed to start a vegetable garden. A shovel is essential for digging holes, a garden hose for watering the plants, and a stirrup hoe for weeding. There are a lot of tools that would be convenient and helpful but these three are the only necessary tools.

When was ‘The Garden’ painted by Joan Miro?
Do you mean this? The Vegetable Garden with Donkey. 1918. ?

Is celery an adverb?
Celery is a noun – it is a garden vegetable.

How would you say kitchen garden in Gaelic?
In Irish ‘kitchen-garden’ would be: garraí glasraí (vegetable garden) or luibhghort (herb garden) In Scottish Gaelic: ?

What do you call person who sells fruit and vegetable in a shop?
I will call him as a “fresh fruits and vegetable provider”

What is a Truck-Patch?
It is a garden grown for sale in the market. Most of the time farmers have 2 patches. Your own personal patch or vegetable garden for yourself and the truck patch or truck garden is the one you sell to the market.

When do you start a vegetable garden?
You start a vegetable garden in the spring. Some vegetables can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring, but others need to be planted after the soil and weather has warmed up.

Are Acacia tree leaves ok in vegetable garden compost?
Acadia tree leaves are not okay in vegetable garden compost. Arcadia tree leaves are toxic to the soil and other vegetation.

Where is Europe’s fruit and vegetable garden?
Costa Tropical, Andalucia

What is the most popular garden vegetable?
Probably a potato :) x

Which garden vegetable is a symbol of Wales?
Leeks. Hope this helps

How do you control morningglory in vegetable garden?
Only by vigilant weeding.

What part of speech is vegetable?
It is usually a noun: Try to include a vegetable in your lunch box. It can also serve as an adjective: We dug some vegetable matter out of the garden.

What is a sentence with ‘gnome’ in it?
A ceramic garden gnome stood on a flat rock overlooking the vegetable garden.

A vegetable garden is 12 meters long by 7 meters wide In one squaremeter you count two toads Estimate the population of toads in the graden?
It’s would be 84 toads in the garden.

What kind of food is egg vegetable or non vegetable?
it is a protein Do eggs grow on trees do they grow in the garden. They are non veg.

Is vegetable a common noun or proper noun?
The word vegetable is a common noun, a word for any vegetable of any kind. A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example: Michelle Obama’s White House Vegetable Garden Baked Vegetable Princess (restaurant), Langford Town, Bangalore, India Green Giant Vegetables Campbell’s Vegetable Soup “A Grave In The Vegetable Garden”, a novel by Janice Coy

Where is the best place to plant a vegetable garden?
The best place to place a vegetable garden is in a location with the most sun. If you are in the northern hemisphere, try placing it in a spot that faces south as this catches the most sun.

What are the release dates for Green Acres – 1965 Lisa’s Vegetable Garden – 2.24?
Green Acres – 1965 Lisa’s Vegetable Garden – 2.24 was released on: 바카라게임 USA: 8 March 1967

What are the release dates for Cultivating Life – 2006 Vegetable Garden 5-2?
Cultivating Life – 2006 Vegetable Garden 5-2 was released on: USA: 25 April 2010

How do you use fertilizer?
Spread amongst your plants and vegetation or in your vegetable garden

What did the the fifth graders help Michelle Obama do?
Plant a vegetable garden

How can you asexually reproduce a plant in your own vegetable garden?
Incidentally, of course you can

Is it healthy to drink mott’s garden cocktail?
It get you your daily vegetable for the day !

What does el huerto stands for?
El huerto is spanish for vegetable garden.

Is squash a fruit or a vegetable and why?
a vagetable because you plant it in your garden in the ground

What does de la huerta mean?
of/from the large vegetable/kitchen garden

What are the release dates for The 700 Club – 1966 Michael McDowell Kristi’s Vegetable Garden?
The 700 Club – 1966 Michael McDowell Kristi’s Vegetable Garden was released on: USA: 6 April 2011

Where can you find spinach?
In a fruit and vegetable shop, or in a supermarket. In your vegetable garden, if you have planted any. In your refrigerator, if you have bought some. Spinach is a green leafy vegetable, rich in vitamins and minerals.

What if your life brand tomato garden vegetable soup will you keep it in your stores it would be great if you did my husband finds he can have this soup out of any other brand soup i hoe you will?
I can not find campbell’s Tomato Garden soup anywhere. I called Campels to re-turn or bring back Tomato Garden Call campells to request bringing back Tomato Garden soup 1.800.257.8443 1.800.257.8443

Is parsley a vegetable?
Obivously its a herb rich in Iron not Vegetable but some people call it as vegetable. Its a leafy herb

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